Organizing Projects can include:

   Home Organizing
   • closets/bookcases   
• kitchens &  bathrooms   

   • bedrooms   • home office / workspace  

   • kids rooms & playrooms   • family / living rooms   

   • hallways / mud rooms   • basements & attics   

​   • craft rooms / art studios

   Moving Related
   • decluttering & getting home organized for sale

  • downsizing/decluttering before moving   

   • unpacking after moving   

   • interior design & furniture plans​

   Repurposing Space
   • setting up space for new baby   

   • organizing space for new family member     
   • organizing space after family member moves out  

   • clearing space to repurpose room

   • downsizing after passing of loved one

   • reorganizing space after divorce  

​   • redesign & interior design 

   • furniture plans​ 

    Business Spaces
   • decluttering 

    • organizing / workflow systems



Are you are someone who, despite having a good organizing system and good intentions, still seems to accumulate clutter?

Or are time challenged with running your own business

and having a family etc., and need on-going support?

We offer regularly scheduled sessions to help you keep

on top of your home and work spaces.  

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Each organizing project is different and tailored to your specific needs. We will typically work through one area at a time and depending on your comfort level of decluttering or organizing needs, we may start small in order to achieve a larger goal.

It can be overwhelming at the beginning but with compassion and a sense of humor we will support you in tackling your clutter to create a beautiful serene space and a clearer state of mind. And help you develop habits to stay organized!​


Working with a Professional Organizer brings a fresh set of eyes to your situation - together we look at the bigger picture of what your goals are and create an action plan for success.  

We help you assess the things you can let go of, leaving you with the stuff you love and need. Then we create great organizing systems to help you stay clutter free.

And, remember, as you let go of all the stuff you no longer need, you're creating the space for something amazing to happen (and your stress will melt away)!

There are many organizing services available depending on your particular need -  from organizing your kitchen cabinets, office and closets and creating fresh new systems that make it easy for you to find what you need - to helping you downsize before a move or unpack at your new home or even getting your house ready for showings/sale. Our services are customized to your unique project.

We also offer furniture/space planning* services to create furniture layouts that achieve greater flow in your space, and help rearrange furniture, artwork and accessories to redesign your rooms. 

Interior decorating* services are available and can be in tandem with an organizing project. We can also clear the energy of your space after decluttering/organizing/decorating or prior to moving into a new space with a powerful space clearing session*. 
*Additional fees apply.

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Do you dream of having a beautifully organized, relaxing space,

free of clutter and piles of stuff?

Wonderfully organized closets to die for?

An amazing office where everything you need is at your finger tips?

Or a  well-organized kitchen? 

If the reality is that you're surrounded by clutter and disorganized spaces, you are probably wondering why it's so hard to realize your dream.

Clutter (which can be piles of 'things', overstuffed closets, unorganized spaces etc.) creates stagnant energy, stress and overwhelm which typically leads to a lack of motivation to do anything about it, and as a result your clutter just keep growing and the prospect of tackling it gets even harder. 

We can help you free your space of clutter and free your mind of stress. We'll work with you to create a beautifully organized space with systems that are easy to maintain. A space where you can finally relax and love where you live!


Each organizing engagement starts with an on-site consultation to assess the scope of the project in detail. This allows us to select the best plan / number of hours for your project. On-Site Consultations: Palm Beach & Broward & Counties.

We review the areas of your home (or office) you wish to focus on, timing for the project and your budget. As we assess the best options for your space, we will make recommendations about supplies to purchase, and follow up with a written proposal outlining our recommendations and fees.

Our goal is to use as many of your own storage items for setting up organizing systems however please also allow for the need to purchase additional items where necessary. 

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During each session we ask the following of you:

• That you set aside the time to focus without distractions so that we

can maximize our time together and stay within your budget. ​

• You must be committed to letting go of the things you no longer need 

so that we can focus on organizing the things you need and love. 

• Any additional organizing supplies and products recommended by us must be purchased prior to the first organizing session.​