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Welcome to Southgate Organizing,

After living in Hong Kong and Singapore for many years I became fascinated with how the local people were committed using feng shui in their homes and work places in the belief that having a good flow of energy would bring prosperity, health and well-being.

This led me to learn about many different modalities to better understand how the environment effects our well-being. Over the last 17 years, I have studied interior design, space planning, professional organizing, feng shui, land dowsing, space clearing, bau-biologie, vastu and sound healing. Each of these modalities, whether implemented alone or together contribute to creating and supporting positive environments.

I believe that our home is a reflection of who we are on many levels. It is a reflection of our personality, the lifestyle we lead, our overall well-being and our emotional health. When we become out of balance with our home (for example, it becomes full of clutter) it no longer offers a supportive or nurturing environment. And, when we don’t feel nurtured or supported at home, we energetically become out of balance, and this plays out in different areas of our lives.

Making changes to the way we live at home is rarely the first thing we consider when things are not flowing in our lives. Yet how we live in our home, how we decorate and maintain it, all play into the energy we surround ourselves with, what we project out into the world, and what we attract in life.  Our homes can be very complex energies!

Over the years I have worked with many clients to help them create a deeper connection with their home through interior design and professional organizing and also bring in space clearing and sacred ceremonies when it feels right. I am looking forward to helping YOU find a deeper connection to your home and love the way you live!

Thanks for visiting and feel free to contact me with questions. 

Dawn Southgate